Experienced hire profile

Indira Abdreyeva

At Grant Thornton: Manager – assurance services

Outside the office:Travelling

Share a fun personal fact with us

I did not think that I would work as an auditor. When HR from Grant Thornton invited me for an interview I did not catch the name of the Company properly (I heard “Grand Tour”) and I was sure that this is tourist company and only on the interview I found that it is an audit company. Six years passed from that time and I’m still here, in “tourist” company.

How would you describe the culture and people at Grant Thornton?

The great value of Grant Thornton is its employees and as a result formed culture. Here you feel friendly atmosphere and feel comfortable. Here you are never alone and you never feel here helpless as your peers will do them best to help you. I’m proud to be a part of this culture. 

What lessons have you learned during your time with the company? 

I learnt that high quality should present in everything we do. We have to be professional not only at our workplace, but also outside, as reputation is a valuable asset nowadays. Also, I learnt to be grateful, especially to colleagues as they contribute so much in us.

How does Grant Thornton help you achieve your career goals?

In Grant Thornton we have distinct system of promotions. After year-end round table you realize that your efforts were appreciated much.

What’s the best piece of advice you've received while working with Grant Thornton? 

Before asking a question from higher level management (managers and partners) you have to bring several solutions.

What makes Grant Thornton a great place to work? 

People and experience you get.

  • People

Open friendly atmosphere. In time your colleagues will be your best friends.

  • Experience

Now, as a candidate, you cannot even imagine how much knowledge and experience you can get working here, in Grant Thornton, since this volume has no boundaries.


What advice would you give a prospective candidate looking to join Grant Thornton?

Be passionate to everything you do. Hard work always pays off. Just realize that everything depends on you, your ambitions, strive, and self-motivation. Be grateful for opportunities you have and respect people surrounding you.