Graduate people profile

Sabina Iskakova

At Grant Thornton: Assurance Specialist

Outside the office: Piano, sport and reading.

Share a fun personal fact with us

KIMEP University activist. I was a member of KIMEP Friends, which organized city events and invited major pop culture stars, made the student life more interesting, useful and varied for students while studying. Also, a former SMM specialist.

How would you describe the culture and people at Grant Thornton?

A close-knit team, a friendly atmosphere in which it is pleasant to work. A developing company with great prospects and colleagues with vast experience in consulting and auditing, from which you can take on colossal work experience.

What lessons have you learned during your time with the company?

Work diligently, be attentive and do everything on time, do not procrastinate, and also be part of a team.

How does Grant Thornton help you achieve your career goals?

To fulfill the dream from school to become a good specialist auditor, Grant Thornton helps to achieve this goal in his career, so far in small steps, but novice professionals, including myself, are moving towards this gradually, with zeal and hard work.

What’s the best piece of advice you've received while working with Grant Thornton? 

To build a career and go to your goal without delay, in the beginning, you need to make every effort and even if it is hard - not to quit, because who said it would be easy? And of course, never give up :)

What makes Grant Thornton a great place to work?

A friendly team, growth prospects, experienced partners, healthy competition and, of course, huge work experience!

What advice would you give a prospective candidate looking to join Grant Thornton?

Do not be afraid of exams and interviews, be as sincere and interested in work as possible. Have critical thinking and also show yourself right away.